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Save a Pet Letter Bead Bracelet

Save a Pet Letter Bead Bracelet

100% of proceeds for these bracelets go towards supporting a pet in need of life saving veterinary care. Never should there be time when we as pet parents should have to say goodbye to our beloved pet simply because we cannot pay for their medical costs. 

The creator of these bracelets was faced with this choice in 2022 when her precious dog Penelope was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called IMHA. Penelope needed specialty care, hospitalization, a blood transfusion, constant monitoring, testing and trial and errors with very expensive medications. All with a very low chance she would survive. This disease often strikes young, healthy dogs with many years left to live,  if they get the help they need. She was thankfully able to charge the $11,000 in total to save Penelope, but couldnt shake the sinking feeling that many families wouldnt be able to do this. They would have to say goodbye. IMHA is one of the most expensive diseases to treat, however it's not the only one. Proceeds from these bracelets will go towards any pet with any disease who has a family desperate for finacial help for their pet.

100% of the proceeds of these bracelets go into a fund that is used to make donations towards high cost veterinary care. Donations are made directly to the veterinary care provider caring for the pet in need. This insures that donations are used appropriately for the pet's needs. 

  • Refund Policy

    No refunds on this item due to 100% of proceeds going towards donation purposes.

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