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Bladder Support For Dogs And Cats

Original post date February 9, 2021

Bladder issues of any form in our pets can take a toll on all involved. I think it’s fair to say we’ve all experienced the discomfort at some point in our lives. TMI? Sorry, but it’s true! So we know how our pets feel when it happens to them! Cats in particular are high risk for having bladder issues such as frequent UTI’s and crystals forming in the urinary tract causing bloody urine. It’s not only uncomfortable for them, but it can be worrisome to us as pet owners. TCC bladder cancer is an aggressive cancer becoming more common in dogs than ever before. I am far too familiar with TCC as this was my first experience with canine cancer. Incontinence (complete inability to control the bladder) is another common concern in our pets, especially in seniors. Including a bladder support supplement into your pet’s nutrition plan can prevent these issues from occurring and provide your pet with the comfort of a healthy urinary tract.

Here is a short video explaining how pawTree’s Bladder Support Plus works, and the benefits it provides.

My dog Penelope has been taking pawTree’s Bladder Support Plus for frequent potty accidents. She couldn’t hold her potty for longer than 2 hours. For years I believed her lack of bladder control was due to her not being potty trained until she was an adult. Her “I gotta go so I’m gonna go” mentality was actually more like “I gotta go so I HAVE to go”. Now that her bladder health is on track, she can and will hold her potty for hours longer.

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