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CBD & Hemp - Here's What I Know

Original post date April 8, 2019

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the buzz about CBD products. The stuff is amazing. I have seen first hand the benefits it has had on cancer, anxiety, arthritis, even motion sickness. It’s benefits run deeper than these, however I only want to go into detail on what I have personally seen it do.

I rescued my Boston Terrier, Penelope, in 2016. Her past still remains unclear, however, due to many behaviors and the few facts I was told, her past wasn’t pretty. The extent of her anxiety is what the professionals consider severe. She's terrified of storms, fireworks, car rides, balloons, cold weather, and being alone, just to name a few. She gets along fine with other pets, however if I say another pet's name, she panics. She has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and I kid you not, most of the time she sleeps with one eye open. The poor girl just can't relax.

I had tried just about everything to help her, even multiple different brands and types of CBD and hemp products. They don't all work the same, in fact they don't all work. As I learned myself through many trials and error, it is important to find a reputable company using high quality CBD and hemp products. It's also important to find your pet's proper dosing. This takes time and patience. I know a 110 lb. Akita who only needs 1/4 the dosing that my 20 lb. Boston Terrier needs. This is not always the case! Just an example of how different each dog can be. (And how severe Penelope's anxiety is).

PawTree's Chillax Hemp Chews, CBD Mega chews and their CBD bone, have been a total game changer. I give Penelope the Chillax Hemp Chews daily to help balance her general anxiety. She takes the CBD Mega chews during more stressful times such as storms, fireworks, trips to the vet etc. She LOVES her CBD bone and chomps on that as she pleases.

Since I added Chillax and CBD Mega into Penelope's regular nutrition plan, she has been able to relax and enjoy her days with minimal to no anxiety.

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