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A Calming Bed For Dogs And Cats?

Original post date February 16, 2021

I don’t know how many beds I’ve purchased for this girl. Too many to count! And she doesn’t even use them. I’m usually adding dog beds to my cart (in store & online) anytime I find a cute one on sale, regardless of needing a new one or not.

As usual, I was not in the market or need of yet another bed for Penelope when a friend of mine shared with me, the new bed she just got her dog. However, I was intrigued when she called it a calming bed.

If you have met Penelope, you know the girl is anything but relaxed. It hurts my heart seeing her on edge all the time and feeling helpless when nothing seems to help her.

Calming beds are by no means a fix for pet anxiety, however with Penelope, her bed seems to be of comfort for her and is now her ‘safe place’. She will often choose her ‘snuggle bed’ as we call it, over sitting on the couch with us and I even catch her taking afternoon naps there. This is all new behavior since getting her this super cozy comfy bed. She keeps her CBD bone tucked in there too!

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I have found our cat Cari snoozing away in Penelope’s bed too! Many times!

I struggled for about a week with which calming bed to get. In the end, I chose this one and she absolutely loves it.

*I can only personally vouch for the first one on the list as that is the one we have. However, it wasn’t easy choosing between any of these as they all seem to be similarly well loved by many pet owners. Be sure to check sizes, the smaller ones are probably better suit for cats or very small dog breeds. Penelope is only 20lbs but likes to stretch, hers is a large.

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