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Emergency Pet Care Card - Printable

Original post date March 11, 2021

In the event you become ill or injured and are unable to make arrangements for your pets at home, be sure someone can easily spot this card.

In recent events, I was contacted by a client’s family member and was asked to take over full care of my client’s pets as she had been admitted to the hospital. This particular situation had been somewhat planned in advance with this client due to some health issues, however the event itself was completely unexpected. The family member knew in advance to contact me if this happened, but what if circumstances were different and we hadn’t had a plan in place? What if my client was admitted to the hospital and the family member didn’t know to call me or even think about the pets at home? What happens if you’re in a car accident and taken to the hospital, unable to even think about arranging pet care, let alone provide names and contact info of someone who can? Especially if you live alone, someone needs to be informed that you have pets at home in need of care. Family and friends may know you have pets, but do they know who to contact if they can’t get to your home right away? Are they going to stop by your house to feed/potty your pets before rushing to the hospital? What about after they get to the hospital? Honestly, in an emergency situation it’s unlikely and coordinating it can be extremely stressful for anyone involved.

Simply print this card (preferably on card stock or laminate it for protection) fill it out and put it in a place easy to find.

Suggested Locations:

-In your wallet, behind your Driver’s License or ID.

-In your glove box with vehicle/insurance info or tape it to the inside of your glove box

-With your important medical info cards

*Wherever you feel it will be easily found

*You can make multiple copies to place in multiple locations to ensure it’s not overlooked.

I keep one in my wallet behind my Driver’s License and I have one taped to the inside of my glove box in my car. You never know where someone will look in a hurry to find your identification or information in an emergency.

Here is the link to download your free printable Pet Emergency Care Card. ⬇️

Pet Emergency Card
Download PDF • 218KB

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